Beautiful modern designed kitchen with organic marble veining and premium quality luxury decor by HAUME
We imagine curation to be the act of making a series of pointed, tasteful choices. Guttural and informed. Practiced and elite. But synonymous with curation are the words ministry and caretaking. My name is Antoinette Arrington, avid hostess and interior stylist, and I created HAUME to exist as a love letter to living space and the rich subtleties that transition our inner essence into external adventures around the home.
HAUME reaches beyond home goods to challenge ideas of value and worth within a given space—whether the space is in your mind or soul.
The radical art of choosing rest.
The notion that elegant plating—even for one—is self-care.
The ability to pull imagination out of hiding.
The reimagining of “occasion” as not a one-off thrill, but an everyday pursuit of beauty in and around one’s heart.
This is the magic I unfold for myself everyday and for those who visit me here at HAUME. 
Through compassionate lifestyle editorials, scents that story a room, and objects that beg presence, slow living and ritual, we invite you to become more than the four walls that contain you, but a neighbor, a HAUMEbody, and a friend. 
So wipe your feet. Welcome HAUME.