HAUME is a luxury candle company based in Los Angeles, CA. that offers high quality olfactory goods and accessories in limited edition collections that inspire our customers to intentionally practice the art of indulgence in their homes, everyday. Our founder, Antoinette Arrington, has an impeccable sense of style that was honed by her need as a child to start fresh and recreate the feelings of home anywhere she happened to be…with scents that triggered her most cherished memories and decor that invited her to sink into her very own sanctuary.


Alvin Ailey once declared, “I want to hold up a mirror to my audience that says, ‘This is the way people can be; this is how open people can be.’”


Every home is a mirror. Often, the way it looks is directly tied to how we feel + an outward manifestation of our innermost history. Our goal at HAUME is to ease the stress of creating + implementing a mirror that is brilliant, reflects who you really are, and intensifies the intention towards the life you want to live.


Welcome Haume!