HAUME is where the heart is...

I am Black.

I am a Woman.

I am creative.


I crave intimacy in my relationships and abundance in my joy. Music buoys my spirit. Reading feeds my imagination. I don't have much desire to go out or to “be on the scene” and I believe that doing nothing…is something too. Clothes and purses are nice….but a pretty pillow or vintage find can send my heart over the moon!


When I first started building HAUME I was really just doing it for me. I needed a way to wind down after a long hard day of growing myself up. The work of filling myself up with people, places, and things has been both rewarding and exhausting. I've taught myself to adapt recipes + cook + plate beautiful meals by watching the culinary magic my my insta-friend Ashley creates and have also spent countless hours playing with gorgeous flowers while listening to my favorite songs because of Drew, the floral genius behind Rogue & Fox.


One day, it dawned on me that even though the mediums for all of our creative outlets were different…the sentiment was the same.


TODAY is the special occasion.

Not someday.

Not tomorrow.

Not when you “make it.”

Not when you lose weight.



The more I practiced the habits of styling a shelf I look at often…plating meals like a 5 star restaurant… even curating a playlist for guests…it became both a vibe…and my lifestyle.


You know what happened next?


I started to recognize myself in the mirror. 


I am drawn to the beauty of textures, tones, and shapes.

I enjoy being able to make memories + luxuriate in my well appointed home.

I am unapologetically dope.


HAUME is a place filled with beautiful things (and people!) that I hope will inspire you to curate a well appointed home where you can keep space to discover your inner dopeness too.


For the Fall 2021 launch, the first scent in our HAUME Fragrance line, NIGHTCAP, will make its debut along with the signature candle care kits. In the following weeks we will roll out some gorgeous décor accent pieces that I'm positive you'll love…and won't want to miss! This curation is filled with captivating textures for the eyes in classic tones of black, white, taupe, glass, and polished metals.


Gift cards will available to send to a special someone in your life and if you find yourself wanting to support HAUME without cluttering your own with things you don't need…you'll enjoy our special offering, HAUMEcoming. A portion of each HAUMEcoming purchase will be donated to a local shelter or resource devoted to helping women + children  find a home of their own. As we continue to grow, you'll see examples of the things I do to enrich my life at HAUME and some of the wonderful people that taught me how.


If you've ever seen yourself in me…my creativity…or my journey just know that you are HAUME too.

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