Experience HAUME Fragrance: Nightcap

At 19, I fell in love with a boy that was never mine to keep. Our entanglement was raucous, passionate, hungry, and bottomless. When we were together it felt like I needed him to breathe air into my lungs and when we were apart my common sense incessantly implored me to leave him alone. No matter the time of night he called…I answered. We engaged in this frenzied dance of love and hate at a breakneck speed until I eventually crashed and burned…only for him to leave me where I lay…alone + spent. I can still close my eyes and remember the heady scent of wave grease, a hot iron hitting freshly sprayed starch, and his favorite cologne as he would cut his hair and get ready to go home to his girlfriend every Sunday afternoon.

In pain, I chose to tailspin and a gentleman broke my fall. He became my shelter. Rubbed joy into my soul with his soft hands and smiled on my behalf. Didn't make me lift a finger. Loved me slowly and thoroughly…cared for my spirit until I was whole again. At night, he would light a fire and lay with me on his leather sofa while he sipped fine whiskey. He was comforting like bergamot and as soothing as salty waves washing over sun kissed skin. He wanted forever and I was just getting my second wind so he loved me enough to let me go when I was through.


Yet, and still, I met a boy who was determined to become a man. He decided it was his life's work to change my mind.


He laughed with me. Became my friend. Listened to my dreams and handed me the tools to make them come true…

Went high when I went low. Grew with me…..because of me….for me.


On Sundays he would pull a cashmere sweater over his athletic shoulders and take me to places I had never been just to watch my face as I took it all in.. The hand that he placed at the small of my back had calluses from both work and play…a balanced life.

There was the scent of his polished shoes and the leather conditioner he used on his car seats. As we got closer, I found the familiar hints of wave grease and spray starch too. 

Our love is still both fast and slow…intense and grounded. He is simultaneously something…and everything….without the need for me to be nothing.


NIGHTCAP is an odes to the journey love invited me on. It's sensual and chaotic but knows how to come home when the street lights come on, you feel me?  There's a distinct balance between the spice, musk, and softness that reminds me of how my second love lead me to understand and invest in my last. The bottom is layered and complex while the top is soft and hopeful. The heart is filled with sensuality and substance. As always, the oils are blended into a velvety coconut wax blend and poured into a gorgeous keepsake glass vessel.

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